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Do you trust? January 07 2016

Releasing old only brings on the NEW! Keep repeating that..
Nobody said releasing or getting rid of stuff was going to be easy. In fact it can be difficult, anxiety ridden, and full of doubts. Something that most avoid at all costs.
or could it be 
Chat with angels. They will lovingly show you various ways to move on. They will lovingly show you the endless possibilities of what could be once you move on. They may even provide a wing slap or two to get you going and off that fence.
However, once a decision is made and you get past the knowledge that you have made THE decision, you have earned that sigh of relief. You know you are past 'it'
Now it's time to do that happy dance with the inner knowing that much, much better is in store for you. Why will it be better? Because you have evolved, grown and taken that leap. Its universal law that you attract what you put out there energetically. You are glowing like the photo; full of vibrance, color and joy.  
It's time for you to soar.

Blessings Continue! December 09 2015

We have been blessed to be added to a beautiful Gift Suggestions List for the holiday!


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What IS Divine Timing? October 26 2015 1 Comment

There's this thing called

Divine Timing

So many who dance in my world use this term and so many get 'annoyed' when they hear it directed at them. It almost feels as an excuse or at best a poor explanation of why things aren't going your way. Have you ever felt this before? 
Here's perhaps a new spin on it...
Everything happens when it is divinely ready.
YOU are the Divine; therefore, it happens when YOU are ready.
Our Candles not only fill your space with divine energies, they can help to quiet the mind and expand the soul