The Harvest Full Moon, 2018 - What YOU can do to reap its rewards

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In case you haven't noticed, I'm a more 'flying by the seat of my wings' kinda goddess. Therefore, it ought to come as no big surprise that your heads up preview for our full moon comes on the day of this Big Beautiful Harvest Moon...

It's just kinda how I roll...

What IS the Harvest Moon?

The Harvest Moon is always delegated as such based on its proximity to the Fall Equinox; two weeks prior or two weeks after the equinox. No matter when the moon is full in the four week timeframe, it is designated The Harvest Moon.


All moons; whether it be a full moon, new moon, waxing or waning, hold specific energy. All of them.

The Energy of the Harvest Moon

Because all full moons hold energy, it is best to understand the power of this particular full moon; The Harvest Moon. Yes it is most certainly about harvesting, but there is much more to it than that....

The moon is in the energy of Aries. Aries? isn't Aries back in March and April? Yes of course it is, but the moon is in Aries energy. This is because when a moon is full, it is the opposite of the sun; and therefor the sun sign. If it is opposite of the sun, then that means the Harvest Moon is in Aries - opposite. 

This moon, and I'm sure you are already nodding your head in agreement, holds tremendous upheaval and power. Think back in very recent times in your personal life; what has not gone according to plan? What may have imploded on you? (It really didn't implode by the way, but signified a more dramatic letting go process due to, ahem, holding onto something tendencies). This upheaval time is allowing you to plant proper seeds that are in better alignment with you.

The Moon is in Aries, but where is the sun?

The sun's energy is in Libra which is the consummate balancer. IF you combine the fiery Aries and balancing Libra energies; is it any wonder that there is an upheaval energy that is begging for balance? 

Of course there is. You are itching for change, but yet crave balance. What to do? Compromise. Compromise doesn't mean giving in or giving up. It offers a chance to re-evaluate those desires and through that; you better understand what it really is that is desired. Through that you create balance within you and that of course extends outwardly into your life.

Simply put; what do you desire that will create better balance in your world? What needs to be let go in order to do so? How can you do something/anything differently?

How does the Harvest Moon Affect You Personally?

To thine own self BE true. 

This fiery, balancing, emotional upheaval is not the ideal time to pick a fight; any fight no matter how valid your cause may be. It is a chance to reflect and notice what has triggered this inner turmoil that may have you wishing you were a world class samurai soldier wielding multiple swords at once. Before you come out wielding those swords, 

Hold on. Catch your breath and thoughts.

Instead of battling it outwardly. Take advantage of this power and focus on the whys. We often go to the whys and whats that can offer great clarity ... 

  • Why do I wish to do this or that?
  • What is my motivation to do this or that?

BE honest with yourself with each why and what. Brutally honest. IF it is fame and fortune, don't BE bashful! IF it for prosperity beyond your wildest dreams, go for it! IF it is to live a life of solitude in a remote cabin, why not? IF it is....

Aries and your beautiful head

Aries rules your physical head. Combine that with the balancing act of Libra, many of you will wish to change your hair color, style, new jewelry (think earrings, necklace, etc. - see all head related stuff). That's the fun part of Aries, but as in most things energy, it can go deeper.

Your ego and brain are obvious also in your head space. What has been weighing you down; do you harbor feelings of being abandoned, not recognized, nobody loves me guess I'll go eat worms scenarios, etc. Now is the perfect time to purge! Write down all  those feelings of injustice (whether real or imagined, remember if you think it real, it has become so to varying levels in your psyche).

Write. Everything. Down.

Now burn it. Oh the cathartic energy that is consume in this simple and powerful ritual. If your inner circle tribe is close by, this is even more powerful when done as a group. Each person offers support in the releasing process. No need to read your list aloud, but IF you do, your heart begins to hear it quicker and the healing through love may BEgin that much faster. Remember, no judgment is allowed on your feelings. You have felt them. Honor them and know now it is time to change your story. 

What Angel to Chat with during this Harvest Moon?

In a nutshell? All of them! Really. However, I know that is not the answer you desire. The Gang member that showed up first?

Ariel, alias Pinky (my guardian angel for those of you who don't know the story, may find more about her in my latest book in the guardian angel section). Ariel is The Angel of Courage and offers this message:

It is time to BE courageous and step forward!
It is time to BE courageous and let go!
It is time to BE courageous and BE.
Be you.


Azrael, The Angel of Transition, was close behind. Now Azrael is often labeled as the Angel of Death, which is rather doom and gloom and melodramatic in my book, so I had a chat with him. His response?

What is Death but transition? Do you not transition from one thing to another on a regular basis?

Do you not clear the clutter to bring in more of what is desired?

Do you not attempt to let go of old paradigms in order to shine brighter?

Do you not let go in order to embrace new?

Is it not time to let go and BE?

Who am I to argue with either of these two? I suggest you don't attempt to either. 

I know I've got the Azrael Candle lit today and it smells heavenly.

It is now time to embrace this fiery and balancing moon that we call Harvest. 



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