2020 is BEing Dubbed The Year of...?

Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love - Christine Alexandria

If you have been with me for a while, you know that each year The Angelics offer up one word as the Theme for the year.

I've been pondering 2020's word and they more or less wing slapped me this morning. It's a word I use and use often.



As we are finishing up The Breakthrough Year, and oh my have so many, including yours truly, have experienced BREAKTHROUGHS!

Many of you have been in theory, broken wide open; ugly cry, despondent and experienced feelings of having no compass let alone direction. 

Many of you have said YES, some shouted from the highest metaphorical mountain and some barely above a whisper. No matter the volume, yes was uttered, albeit with trepidation, perhaps with angst, perhaps with fear of what could evolve, but YES was uttered with conviction.

BRAVO you!

What does saying YES have to do with Allow?


VERY Much.

Let's back up 

One, at some level, agreed to experience a breakthrough. Then the ego took over and told you that everything is wonderful and you expect too much from life, you're being greedy, and really everything is just fine as is - who knows how much worse it could get or what else is out there?

Oh that ego... 

If one dawdles, procrastinates or avoids experiencing the very breakthrough that is desired, the Universe takes it in hand. One thing that has become abundantly clear over the years, we are always offered lessons. Lessons are always offered that are easy. Isn't it funny, if a lesson is 'easy' one tends to not only ignore it, but equally doesn't put as much reverence on the lesson learned. The theory BEing that if a lesson is worth experiencing and learning from, it must be difficult. 

Think about it.

If the lesson is traumatic, devastating and more, one has to stop, cry and catch their breath. One feels as though the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under their feet and they have not so nicely landed on their backside and up is the only answer left.

This is what happens when one says they are not content. That they are unhappy with a situation, relationship, job and more; yet they do little, if anything, to change themselves or the situation. This is often the case for many; complacency rules and it is so much easier to complain than to change, isn't it? Or is it? That is the exact moment when The Angelics announce ~ 'Let the Rug Pulling Commence!' 

Allow Takes Over

After the trauma, one feels beaten up. One feels depleted. One feels empty. All of these are more that accurate and sometimes more is experienced. While not pleasant to experience, it often is necessary.


Because now in the void, one allows. One allows to see life differently. One allows outside assistance from the Angelics, friends, family, mentors and more to BE heard, seen felt and most importantly recognized.

Since one is now metaphorically at rock bottom, up is the only way to go.  

At this moment one allows magic to unfold, even amongst the trauma. One allows movement. At times it may feel as if there is no movement for one may feel paralyzed with angst, but movement still exists. Emptying one's vessel is movement for now one allows it to be filled with what is desired. 

Remember, surviving is no longer a positive. Thriving is the only way to live life.

Therefore, when one is emptied, one reflects on what is desired. Take this down to mealtime. You are hungry, you ponder what savory nutritional gastronomical goodness awaits you. You then allow yourself to receive the very food that is desired. 

Life is the same. Certainly it may take a bit longer to empty and create, but empty and create you must mixed in with a whole LOT of allowing.

The Art of Allowing

Allowing may BE one of the biggest lessons you ever master.

You allow the waitstaff to bring your meal as ordered.

You allow yourself to receive a left and right shoe.

You allow yourself warmth when it is cold outside.

You allow yourself to receive a trinket, a card, mail.

Anything more than the scenarios listed above or similar, tend to be more difficult. Why? One places more energy, more focus and more emphasis on things that matter more. Many of you reading this most likely have purchased a lottery ticket with little or no expectations of ever winning. NOW those that have won have often talked about them visualizing winning; they then let go and magic simply happened. 

They allowed themselves to receive. 

Allowing takes finesse. Allowing takes practice. One simply cannot wake up one day or attend a weekend retreat and allow forever more. You are much too complex. You have many layers. You have an ego. 

The Art of Allowing takes daily practice. 

Yes, DAILY. As in every single day. 

You may use a daily Askfirmation such as:

Why is it so easy for me to allow today?

Why is it so easy for me to allow life?

Why is it so easy for me to allow what I desire to manifest?

Why is it so easy for me to allow assistance?

Those four Askfirmations will help guide you daily throughout 2020. Why wait until January 1? Why not start now?

What to expect in 2020 While Allowing?

I can't lie, 2020 will not be a bed of roses for many. However, when you step more firmly into allowing your energy relaxes leaving those life 'hiccups' staying as a hiccup and not morphing into a monumental traumatic life event. 

Allowing reminds you to breathe. 

Allowing reminds you to step out of ego and return to Love. This portion reminds you that some things must leave in order to make room for new and 'improved'. This harkens to not only the literal clutter clearing scenario, but the metaphorical; mindset shifts, relationships and more. By returning more frequently to Love, the ego is quieted. By returning to Love you feel less defeated if one says 'no' to you. Why? You realize that this is just a step in the direction you desire, but the alignment isn't perfect...for you.

Allowing assists you greatly in rising above the fray, drama and more to see and understand the lesson BEing offered at this moment. Within each life lesson, no matter how big, small, roadblockish, trauma-filled etc it appears, you are the cog that holds it all together. Why? It is your life! With that mindset, you are allowed to ask, What is my lesson from this? Once asked, you allow yourself to receive and absorb the lesson at hand. This of course then allows you to move forward with more grace and ease. 

This particular cycle will never go. That is why it is a cycle, but when you allow its existence vs. ignoring, it does sail by much, much quicker.

Breakthroughs will continue and hopefully a regular pace. Every single time something new is desired to have or experience, something else must leave and through that, breakthroughs occur that help you to reclaim your divinity. However, reclaiming only happens when you allow. See, how The Angelics are BEginning to wrap this up and how one year can and does flow into the next. 

Breakthroughs lead to Allow.

The Angel for 2020

What angle would you guess to BE 2020's guardian? It is one that would help you allow. It is one that would help you receive. It is one that would remind you of your worth. 

If you guessed Chamuel, Angel of Self Love, you would BE correct!

While your life will BE, and is, different than mine and all those you are surrounded by, we are alike in a variety of ways; it is time to value our worth more, it is time to allow more, it is time to LOVE ourselves and our divinity more. 

Chamuel will help you to do this and more, just ask. Remember, one must BE quiet in order to hear and BE inspired to take action forward. 


Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Christine Alexandria


Focus on Chamuel's channeled mandala above whenever you are feeling a tad lower in energy. Chamuel will gently remind you of what is needed for you at this moment to rejuvenate and ultimately allow what is desired to actually manifest in your life. 

2020 promises to BE a magical year. Will you allow?




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