The Wisdom of The Magdalene

flower and love
If the world is still talking about someone who walked the earth over 2,000 years ago, you may want to lean in and listen to what they say.
Just sayin’.
As you hopefully are beginning to understand better the relationship The Magdalene and I have, I invite you to keep reading and remember some of the many things she stands for and still does.
  • The Magdalene and her Beloved stood for Love above all things. She stands for equality. ALL are created equally no matter sex, sexual preference, political status, monetary status, age, etc. ALL. Perhaps this is why she and I are working together yet again. I, too, stand for this and am constantly confused and baffled at how humans treat each other.
  • The Magdalene stood for and still stands for truth. Not the 'truth' that is gaslighted to another, but the truth that is filled with empowering energies. A reality filled with empowering compassion, you to listen openly to another. 
There has been much talk in recent years about the term gaslighting. This term came into existence back in a 1944 film starring Ingrid Bergman, Gaslight. It’s a powerful movie, and I highly recommend it. In fact, it is so powerful, the term, gaslight, stayed in the human consciousness for decades before it made it to the general vocabulary of humankind around 2010. In laypeople’s terms gaslighting is a form of abuse. The abuser/bully tells you just enough truth that you listen. THEN they needle their way into your existence. They continue to feed you mostly truths. They weave in 'facts' to alter how you behave. They continue this form of brainwashing until the overwhelming majority is non-truths and where you believe most, if not all, of what you are being told. You begin to question your reality and ultimately follow blindly. 
  • The Magdalene stands for compassion. Compassion for another, even if unsure of their beliefs. Remember the power of the book, Walk Two Moons. Being compassionate towards another does necessarily mean they are your new BFFs. It simply means you are more understanding of their plight, which can dictate their actions and inactions. 
Above all, The Magdalene’s signature word is perseverance.
Perseverance is defined as BEing persistence despite difficulty, delay, or seemingly outside support in achieving your goals. 
In other words, never give up on your dreams.
She persisted that ALL may live in harmony, peace, and LOVE. Perhaps this is just another reason why she and I jive so well. Remember me sitting in the privet bushes as a child praying for world peace. 
I, too, yearn for these things. I bet you do as well, especially since you are in my world. 
She has chosen the topic of perseverance for this month’s Respite. She will enter our sacred Love Transmissions during our two July gatherings and share. 
What will she share?
I do not know. I have only been informed of the topic for the month. I know she has always offered small and large nuggets for all present willing to lean in and hear the truth. 
For Those with ears will hear.
For those with hearts open shall receive.
Those who are ready will BE.
I do know this one is going to BE powerful. This one already has me in tears, physically and energetically; I kid you not. She has the power to trigger and take you deep. She may crack a joke here and there, but that is part of her wisdom; it helps to put cracks in that protective armor you have built so Love may now enter. 
She holds you in sacred space, shares, and then answers your questions.
She is not glib. She abhors shallow relationships. 
She is direct, and at times, you may not desire to hear what she has to say. However, what The Magdalene has to say is always born in Love.
That is part of her wisdom. It is part of her legacy.
This crazy little thing called Love. 
Join us.
We are just getting started to share her messages worldwide.
When she and I began, I thought, ‘Okay, the card deck. That’s powerful. 
Then we began a book steeped in mysticism—her mystical loving wisdom. For those curious, it is about one-third complete.
Ultimately we will have a new course. 
In other words, there is more to come.
The Magdalene’s wisdom is lasting. She may have walked the earth over 2,000 years ago, but her wisdom is as poignant for our current society as it was then. 
Until we next meet, I hold you in Love,

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