Time to Play BIG or ... play small

Time to Play BIG or ... play small - Angel Chatter

What kind of life do you desire? One full of excitement, contentment, joy, prosperity and expansion? Let's not forget one filled with great health, love and why not add a lovely roof over our head?

Me too.

I've been watching, listening and watching some more.

So many of you are are grappling with settling aka surviving or stepping out bigger, prouder than ever before. 

Just this week a student responded to a social media post that she would love to live in another specific locale - this locale is literally more than half way across the country from where she currently lives. Unfortunately she's been struggling with health and finances in recent times, so I quickly suggested that she look in this new locale for her new life especially since she stated so strongly how much she loves it there and feels better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Her response?

I can't. Family is here and I simply can't leave them.

I understand that; desiring to BE close to family and more.

HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however, what order has she been placing? Don't like where I am, AND I long to BE in that state (literally) and so on, BUT can't leave. Can you see how the Universe just MAY be a tad confused as to what she really desires? The Universe has been busy helping to close up shop in the current locale for years and yet she desires to stay.

Obviously the coach/mentor/teacher in me jumped right in and pointed this out. 

Her response?

OHHHH I see what you mean!

What Order Have YOU Been Placing?

We've all had a job, or two, or more, that we really couldn't stand. The ethics of the company (trust me been there, done that), their benefits, location, type of company and more. We'll even say things like,  I can't wait to leave this place. Then lo and behold one gets fired, or puts in a corner more or less forcing them to leave with no safety net, or the more 'gentler' version - laid off. 

If this has happened to you, I'm sorry, for it is beyond frustrating, but think back to your words and thoughts prior. 

Can you now see how powerful you really are? 

The Universe is constantly supporting us! We have famous sayings such as: Energy goes where attention flows.... The Universe is simply responding to your thoughts, actions and words all along!


You Manifesting Magnet You. 

Law of Attraction Refresher

Remember the Universe does not interpret. Nope, not on iota. If you are grumbly, you get more to grumble about. If you are happy, you get more to BE happy about. If you are worried, you got it, you get more worrisome things on your plate. If you are feeling low, not worthy, etc., hopefully you get the idea by now.

It's why I developed the Askfirmations. This isn't a plug, but an earnest way to remind you that you have tools, viable tools, at your very finger tips. Instead of stating, thinking about whiny, fear mongering questions, try switching it around. You get high powered, positive, present-tense energy questions. Questions that work for you, just as those not so nice questions. 

The Universe responds, no matter what kind of question you ask. Like attracts like, no matter the intent behind it. If you are whiny and frustrated - why can't I get a better paying job? Guess what? The Universe does not understand innuendos; it does not interpret. You will get another lower paying job that sooo does not excite you. 

It's Time to Change Your Story

We've alllll woven stories that offers up our perception of what really happened. Most often these stories have been glorified in some small or large way. You know the story that initially makes you feel better for it justifies your very thoughts, actions and/or inactions.

Sit with one story. Any one of the stories that rumbles around in your gray cell area (aka your brain). Pull it out and play with the first one that shows itself. 

Listen to the story as it plays out. REALLY LISTEN. This is sooo not the time to judge the story, for it's already been playing. Listen openly with ears and heart. 

How does that story make you feel?

Do you feel expanded or constricted? That's really the only thing you need to ask at this moment. 

Does it make me feel Expanded or Constricted. 

If you feel any constriction, change the story. By doing so, you begin to change your reality.

It really is that difficult AND that simple. Changing your story is incredibly liberating, it may take time, but slow and steady wins the race. You are literally rewiring your thinking. This will not happen overnight, but happen it will, promise.

Are You Surviving or Thriving?

Think about it this way - this plays into the story lines within your life. If you feel as though you are treading water, you are! If you feel as though you are floating on air, well you are!

The time for surviving is done. I'm done with surviving mentality, aren't you? Aren't you ready to THRIVE?

Every single person on this planet deserves to thrive. Every. single. person. Yes even those you despise. Those are the ones who actually need it the most for they are the ones that have woven nasty stories within their gray cells and now cannot get out of their own way, even if they try. 

You go first. You BE the leader that you are. Leader? Absolutely. You lead more than you realize simply by BEing you. You lead via example. Sometimes, sometimes mind you, it may feel like nobody is listening, watching or even know you exist.

Trust me, they are and do.

However, do not ever live a life to please or inspire another. Your story is just that - YOUR story; make it one that has you THRIVING. Deliriously THRIVING. 

Who cares if you pack up and move to that new locale? IF you are happier, all in your circles will be for you as well. There is so much to explore, experience and share no matter where you are, why not do it in a place you LOVE BEing in and because you love it, it truly supports all you do for now you are remembering the Essence of BEing...

What Angel to Chat with and Why

Initially Metatron poked his head in, but Haniel pushed him aside (yes it had me laughing) and said...

"ummm excuse me, I handle Living the Life You Desire Department."

You gotta laugh at these 'guys'.

So Haniel it is. 

Who better to help you create your Heaven on Earth Reality, than the Angel of Manifestation? Hmmm... who better? Can't recommend 'this guy' enough to help you manifest your desires into your reality. 

Start Chatting!


Archangel Haniel Mandala 

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