Tis The Season....

Archangel Metatron Mandala, Christine Alexandria

Tis The Season!

Now I beat you are thinking of Santa Claus, jingle bells and Frosty aren't you?

Not a bad guess, but this is not what I am chatting about this week!

Nope, this week, we are chatting about BEing more Centered, Present Heart Focused. This, I'm sure will come as no surprise as it is what I share frequently, but as we head into the main holidays of the year and then into a new year, combined with it BEing a decade, it was more important than ever to send out a reminder. 

I know you are busy, BUT...

Has it really sunk in that the holidays are here?

Has it really sunk in that 2020 is fast approaching?

Has it really sunk in that another decade is upon us? Think about it, we not only have the usually new year approaching and all of its trappings of new beginnings, resolutions, etc., but a new decade!

NOW that calls for major celebrations. 

A fortuitous time to ponder, reflect and shift.

Think about it. This year has been one for the records on many levels. As promised the Angelics said it would be a Breakthrough Year and has it ever! I'm sure you experienced things that felt as though the rug was pulled out from under you to major AHA's of what you desired to BE and how. 

In other words, Ikigai. I spoke of this just a few weeks ago. Those beautiful innate gifts you possess and how you may tap into them to feel as though you are not working because you love what you do so very much. 

As proof; we were visiting a local town just this past weekend with my parents. We ventured into a jewelry store that was closing. It is a quaint store privately run and the reason for its closing is that the owner is retiring. Retiring after 35+ years of BEing in a business that he obviously loves. As a result, he feels he has not worked much in his entire life for he loves what he is doing. Everyone ought to BE living in this manner.


Including you.

Ponder This...

If you could do anything, within reason (kinda hard to become an astronaut if your eyesight is poor), what would you do?

If you are not sure, settle in deeper. Deeper within the recesses of your soul; your heart. What activities do you love? What gets you excited to learn new things as they connect to said activities? Do you love to sing? Then perhaps perfecting breath work would excite you.

Are you a natural medium? Then advancing your gifts by taking classes is a perfect fit. 

Are you...., then....

See how this can go? It does not matter your gifts. It does not matter if is creative, linear, mystical, and so on. Each and every gift can be enhanced via classes, books, experience and more. 

Write down your gifts, no matter how silly you may think. Remember, just because it is easy for you, does not mean it is easy for another. Ponder your gifts. 

Write down each of those gifts you posses. Ponder that list. When do you feel your soul light up as you ponder each gift?

Highlight those gifts.

Reflect This...

As you continue to ponder the highlighted list, begin to reflect and play. 


Yes, play. 

What would your life be like in ten years if you picked up one of those gifts (many are interconnected whether you realize it or not) and expanded it?

Reflect ten years from now. 

What is your life like? 

Imagine yourself saying YES.

Imagine yourself Allowing.

  • Allowing yourself to BE Seen
  • Allowing yourself to Ask
  • Allowing yourself to Receive
  • Allowing yourself to BE... YOU.

Write down everything you feel about your life ten years from now.

Write down everything youm envision:

  • The people you are with
  • How you are dressed
  • The weather
  • Your energy
  • And so on.

These are but glimpses into your future. All is subject to change the moment you say YES or NO. All is subject to change the moment you step out to BE or the moment you scuttle back into the shadows to hide for fear of failure. 

What will you allow in the coming years?

Shift This...

Let's face it, life is full of uncertainty. That uncertainty makes up for the apprehension and holding onto familiar as well as embracing the unknown and leaping for you know a net filled with angel feathers will catch, support you and take you higher. 

It's always your call. 

It is a shifting of the mindset. It's one of the things I love helping folks to do and one of the reasons Askfirmations was born years ago. It helps one to get out of their head of over thinking by asking the Universe, Angelics and allowing one's self to BEcome inspired with. To start, use these:

  • Why is it safe for me to BE me?
  • Why am I worthy of all I desire?
  • Why is it so easy for me to allow all I desire to manifest?

If you haven't read or understand this philosophy and gift, just ask. NO need to find an answer. By asking out loud, you are now primed to receive the answers you've been searching for. 

It's really that easy and that powerful. 

Shift the mind and the rest of the body follows suit. Every. Single. Time. 

Try it. 

What to DO For the Future?

If you wish life to BE different in ten years with more to your liking, follow the steps shared above. Yes, there is always more to this, but this will get you started.

If you desire more angelic prompting, consider getting your own 2020 Roadmap. This promises to be an exciting year and I so desire to see you succeed in all that you Love as you discover your ikigai, say YES to you and truly BEgin allowing more to come to you than ever before.

Really that is what gets me juiced up. That is what gets me excited. That is what gets me out of bed daily; how can I help others allow, succeed and BE.

True story.

What Angel to Chat with and Why.

Archangel Metatron Mandala, Christine Alexandria
Well look who's back, Metatron. As he oversees your soulstar chakra, does it not make sense that he would be your go to in finding your ikigai and fulfilling your soul's mission?
I think so too. 
Chat with him. Relax into his strong presence and allow yourself to BE reminded of you.
Allow yourself to BE reminded of:
  • What gets you excited
  • The things you LOVE learning about
  • The core of whom you are
  • What are destined to BE in this life

Metatron is an interesting angel; one of the few that have been documented to have also been human. While is known as the Lesser Yahweh, he was also Enoch and has spent many lifetimes walking the Earth as a human. Therefore, he truly understands the ego, humor, trials and tribulations of living and through his ever supportive presence, one can but help to stand taller in their own divine presence.

Yes, he is worth getting to know a bit more. 

Until next week, keep digging deeper and come join us on Facebook

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