Want to bring in more joy AND abundance?

Want to bring in more joy AND abundance?

Sunstone is almost  a one stop shopping kind of crystal. It offers such a wide array of energies it's a wonder that everyone isn't wearing it and/or have it near them.

It's a stone that has such beautiful natural sparkles it's hard not to smile when you see it. Check out the ones below:




Seriously, how can you NOT smile looking at those beauties?! Those sparkles make me want to giggle and that of course is the energy of great joy. Joy is one of the many energies that sunstone offers you. It also offers great internal strength and can help you stand tall and strong especially if you have found yourself becoming co-dependent on others.

It offers such nurturing energy that you are reminded to tend to you first thus allowing you to tend to others with a great reserve of love to offer. This of course doesn't matter if you are in the healing industry, teacher, domestic goddess, corporate executive, etc. All businesses tend to be of service when you get right down to it. If you chose to wear sunstone, having it on your receiving hand (tends to the left) you are reminded to tend to you first. If it is on your giving hand (tends to be the right) you are offering healing energies on all levels to all you touch. Worn as a necklace? You are then radiating your joy out into the world. 

Sunstone can offer such energy that you feel more compelled to exercise and focus so much so that you may not need coffee! Okay you didn't just hear me say that as you know I do love my morning cappuccino.

Do you have your own business? Then place a piece of Sunstone near your computer, cash register or entrance of your business to allow yourself to be seen, recognized and valued for all the talents and gifts you offer, no matter what your business is. This is also bundled up with the energies of dissolving those of unworthiness, self-sabotage and thinking others are 'out to get you' via discrimination, etc. It helps to shed light on old belief systems that are not really serving you (and most likely never did) so you can toot your horn with glee.

If you have been following me for a bit, this all begins to sound like the angel Jophiel and you would be correct. Jophiel is the Joy-Filled Angel; reminding you that you are your most powerful when you are in your joy. She helps you to stand strong and be proud of who you are with no regrets. Sunstone is one of the many stones that are in complete alignment with her energies.


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