What is LOVE?

Archangel Metatron Mandala. Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

Metatron shared today's channeled angel message which he then wished me to deepen into this week's blog post. Since I hadn't written the post yet, it was rather 'easy' to comply. Let us see what else he would like to share.

As he shared in the daily channeled message, LOVE is indeed just that, LOVE. 

Love has no judgment. 

This is a rather interesting one for who hasn't at some point made a snarky comment about another's attire, weight, haircut? Anyone? 

Of course we all have and that in of itself is the challenge. NO judgment. 

Have you ever judged another's driving? BE honest. Of course you have, like the overwhelming majority of the world who drives. 

Love is truly free of judgment for who has not erred at some point? Are we proud of our indiscretions? Not typically, I know I'm not. You?

The same can be said of one who is in a relationship that is not best for them. It's easy to see from the outside when another is in a relationship that is not in their best interests. Just ask us and we'll tell you, right?

However, this goes back to Walk Two Moons Scenario. Don't judge another or in this case, another's relationship until you've walked two moons in their shoes. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? Unless one is in mortal danger or asked, it is best to not judge or intervene. 

Love is observing another's actions and recognizing, without judgment of course, in which dimension this stems from. Is it third? Very heavy, fear based, angry and perhaps a bit too boastful? Or is it fill with inspiration, empowering words and encourages another to BE? 

Simply observe Dear Chatterer and grow from your knowledge.

In Steps Mary Magdalene

You shall be hearing more from The Magdalene through me from now on. It is something I had to feel comfortable with and certainly comfortable in sharing. Just be grateful that it hasn't taken me 30+ years as it did with the angel's words!

The Magdalene has shared nine various areas that we can focus on individually on our personal path. Each one can be filled with Love and of course Grace. 

These nine temples are just that; temples. Each contributing to the whole known as you. The Temples, as she had laid them out for me are as follows:

  • Art of the Soul/Composure
  • Art of Wisdom/Incorporating the New
  • Art of New Beginnings/Mercy
  • Art of Prosperity & Gratitude/Good Fortune
  • Art of Recognition and Reputation/Triumph
  • Art of Love and Relationships/Speech
  • Art of Health/Strength
  • Art of Future/Loveliness
  • Art of Allowing/Dignity

This is just a sampling of what she has in store for us this coming year, 2021 - The Year of Grace. Not to tease, but stay tuned as we truly step more confidently into LOVE to allow Grace, Compassion and more to enter. 

For now, sit with each Temple and its name. How does it sit with you? Some may feel full, some may trigger and trigger quite a bit. 

Allow both scenarios and all related emotions to sit with you for a while. See, feel, hear, sense and own each as it presents now. As we go forward, do periodic check ins to give witness of your growth. 

Remember, this is not judgment time, but rather a reckoning and recognition of where you are now and where you shall go. 

What Can I Do Now?

GREAT question and one I asked both, or more appropriately, all of them. Here what they, collectively, recommend:

Dearest ~

Stay in your Center

The Center of Love,

The Center of Grace

The Center of Compassion

Step away from the angst building energies, whether it be the news, social media, gossip (never a good idea to gossip) and so on. These are nothing but energy drainers. YES, stay informed, but no need to get drawn into the mayhem that surrounds much of what is shared. Your news cycles are rarely straight news; they are often filled with agendas; therefore listen, read, watch a variety of sources. 

Stay in your Center

Eat for YOU and what your sacred vessel requires to fuel it

Eat what helps you to regenerate cells

Eat what nourishes

Rest to supply your body with relaxation

Exercise to raise your endorphins and to detox

Meditate, pray, or whatever you chose to call it. Connect with us.

Allow us to gently guide you day by day on activities in which you can focus your energy to BE. Focus your energies to grow. Focus your energies to expand your horizons and more. 

We've been suggesting for years to BE and have offered a bounty of ways to better stay in that energy since we have introduced this concept to you.

Doing is a lovely thing, one must do in order to thrive certainly. In other words, BE proactive in your manifestation quest.

However, one must BE in order to understand what they truly desire vs. what they think they desire. 


Have we shared enough for today?

There you go. 

We all have marching orders so to speak for the coming days. As we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the States, it is yet to Be determined how we are going to spend it. I've hints that it will be us and the cats begging for turkey. Frustrating and an inconvenience, certainly, but we'd rather BE here than elsewhere if you get my drift. 

They seem to BE preparing us for the coming year, 2021, The Year of Grace now more than they have in recent times. I shall take a 'guess' and say they have big plans for us all. Will you allow yourself to step into the light and BE?

BE. Just two little letters that can pack a punch when one sits with them. 

Lastly, as next year's energies are already heating up, have you ordered your 2021 Roadmap?  I can't guarantee it, but do know each message as they have shared it as well as the rituals offered that each one has the intention behind it to help you BE and much more. 

Until next time. Allow yourself to BE.

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