When is it 'time' to grow up?

Archangel Haniel Mandala - Angel Chatter

We recently returned from a weekend show in Chicago and something has really settled in for me. A two-day show is easily a five day commitment time-wise; travel, show, travel and then another to recoup. So in this week's scenario a two day show has taken six days of me time. 


This is prime time to look at the bigger picture; growing up. Growing 'up' is a toughie, isn't it? Or is it? That's not to say BEing child-like is childish, for it's not, but it is realizing that what you've been doing isn't necessarily the best course of action for you any more.

Let's Put This Another Way

A mentee client called me (they get to do such things) and needed a major brain dump. She has her own business and her current business model shows, etc. aren't working for her. No this is NOT me, but it may sound similar. She has had major health issues and a, ahem, trusted friend is now competing against her. 

In a quick dialogue we quickly realized she is sitting on a gold mine and it's time for her to stay more local and hit up the various spas, salon, holistic centers near her with her product. 

Repetitive Patterns 0

Empowered 1

On she goes

We looked at what she loves. We looked at what she has been doing for over eight years (we met via the show circuit) and we looked at how far she has grown and what is now important for her and her family. As an observer, it's always easier, isn't it to see the way out?

Yet Another Grown Up Example

First Day of School photos are bombarding us all now. Many friends have their nest now empty and having done this dance ourselves, it is scary, lonely and often leaving one a bit wobbly on their feet. 

Time to step forward. 

One wobbly foot at a time. Whether you are a new empty nester, off to school or just desiring a shift. 

Let's do this together, shall we?

One Foot At a Time

All it takes initially is for you to say YES. YES to you. While one can spit out that word in a nano-second, it takes a sense of I am sincerely ready for new. I desire the change. I am worthy of what I desire and more.

Then do something about it. 

For those going off to college, their process started over a year ago; looking at schools online and in person. Apply to said schools and then the realization hits as the boxes, suitcases and shopping sprees commence. Then the big day arrives. Hopefully laughter amongst tears woven in with hugs as each party embraces the new and knowing the past is just that; the past. It is bittersweet and akin to a band-aid being ripped off. 

However, not all of us are affected by school or college BEginnings. For those not affected by college activities, complacency can be a lovely security blanket. Let's face it, doing the same thing over and over again on one hand is comforting. It is repetitive, you know what to expect and so on. 

However, there comes a time and place you realize you are now dreading that event. It has become too complacent, too matter of fact and at the core a tad boring if one is being honest with themselves. 

It has entered the Meh Arena. 

What is the Meh Arena?

It's just that. Life feels 'meh'. Your routine doesn't bring about a sense of excitement, joy is tagging behind somewhere baaaack there and life feels a bit too rout. Meh is well meh it just sits there. There is no charge to it, no anger, no excitement. It is just meh.

Take some time here. Really think about your life.

What brings you pleasure? What brings a smile to your face. What makes your heart go pitter patter?

Actually write out a list of things that are currently in your life that brings you joy. Write it ALL down, every juicy morsel and then...

Think about your life. What is still left hanging out there in left field that doesn't bring you joy? Don't be shy. Acknowledge those things, events, places, people. 

These are your Meh Arena Participants.

Look at these participants. What can you easily be rid of? This can be, maybe she says with a bit of tease in her voice, a Clutter Clearing Activity. True it can be about the literal things in our life that we have put into our home, closet, cabinetry and more and now scream MEH.

This exercise is also about the activities or lack of activities in your life that hold that same kind of charge, or in this case - no charge. It reminds me of the song from Chicago, Mr. Cellophane. 

Cellophane, Mister Cellophane
Should have been my name, Mister Cellophane
'Cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me and never know I'm there

Think of it this way. Are you excited in the morning, most mornings, to start the day? Do you find yourself laughing throughout your day and happy you are where you find yourself at this moment?

Or, do you find yourself just going through the motions more often than not? 

I do hope it is the former, not the latter. 

Please remember, 2019 is The Breakthrough Year. For all, not just a lucky few, but all

Has your life become too cellophane like? If so, this sadly this puts you steeped in the Meh Arena. 

Time to shake things up and grow up. Now growing up isn't a bad thing or meant that how you live now isn't grown up. Growing Up in my book is living as you desire. No matter the age, or how you desire - well as long it is lived with Love as your motivator. Otherwise you are fooling nobody and a big ol' band aid is being applied. 

It's time to shine; band-aids not allowed unless a real boo-boo is present. 

What to Do to Grow Up?

Like I've already said, say YES to you and reeeaaaalllyyy mean it. REALLY mean it. Aren't you worthy to get out of meh and into WOW?

I think you are. 

Start by ridding yourself of unsavory things. Yes, this could mean literally things. However, it can also mean that you perhaps get rid of another hour of TV and read on a topic you find fascinating. Perhaps you peruse the internet and find other classes to take. Or perhaps go to your local gym and get your chi higher. Perhaps you take a look at life with clarity glasses and ask yourself what needs to say as well as what needs to go.

These are tough decisions to make. Or are they? Are they only tough because it is easier to be complacent than take charge? Easier than saying I am responsible for what is going on and I'm doing something about it. Easier to blame another for your lot in life whether it is lack of love, joy, prosperity, etc. We all have choices. Each one of us and I am no different. I've made choices in the past and while they didn't all work out as I thought they may, they all contribute to where I am now and going. Guess what? Wouldn't trade them in for anything. I AM LOVING the direction of my life and it gets clearer and clearer all the time.

We just need to BE aware of the signs we're giving and move forward. In fact, just this past weekend the number '27' played a part in our gross from the weekend's show (no you don't get to know the first two digits). I checked out Sacred Scribes and here is what she had to say and have been nudged to share with all of you:

Angel Number 27 is a message to believe in yourself, your intuitive messages and your inner promptings. You have been receiving messages about your Divine Life Purpose and your angels encourage you to follow the guidance and directions accordingly. Trust that your angels support you in your spiritual endeavors.

You are BEing asked to step forward on your life path with confidence and grace. Maintain your positive attitude and perspective and trust that you will manifest positive results, rewards and blessings. 

Okay then. May I suggest you re-read that passage a few times since it is now quite public and meant for you as well?

What Angel to Chat with and why

Haniel hands down. Isn't he the Angel of Manifestation? Of course! Therefore, chatting with Haniel will help to illuminate the areas of Meh. He can also assist in the releasing of Meh to Allow WOW to enter. 

Isn't it time life was WOW? I think so and hope you do as well. 

 Archangel Haniel Mandala - Angel Chatter

Haniel's energy is rather on the yummy side. Soft, but like most things don't think soft is weenie territory. He can BE much in your face when you are aware of the Meh and then don't do a thing to alter it. Think it's time you got to know him better... Want even more than this? Of course there is a book for that!

Until next week, BE honest with yourself and let's turn meh into WOW!

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