Why use Angel Cards?

Why use Angel Cards?

Angel Cards are a time honored tool to help one divine, confirm and answer questions all in the confine of your home or with a trusted Authorized Angel Card Reader either online or in their office.

Angel Oracle cards are known to have existed since the 19th Century with a birth in France. However, many believe, as do I, that they have been around for much longer. Why do I think this? Angels have existed since time began and once a connection is made with them, a deeper connection is born and what better way than to use Angel Cards. 

Why use Angel Cards?

It's Chatting With Angels!

The very word angels means Messenger of God. What better reason to chat with them? The Gang, as I call the angels, never will lead you astray. They always offer inspiring messages. True, true, you may get a warning of don't do something, etc., but they will never fill your head and heart with unsavory ideas or feelings of low self esteem. That simple is not how they operate. They exist to assist all who ask. Our biggest job in working with them is to listen. Listen with open ears and heart. 

Frequently Angel Card decks hold 44 cards which is accompanied by a guidebook that offers additional interpretations for each card as well as information for the angelAngel Cards cards can be intricately illustrated or if they are like the ones I channeled, very simple in art to allow the angel's message to shine through. 

Angels often deliver messages not expected through the use of Angel Cards.

A message you least expect is the best way to better understand what could be in store for you as you focus on your life, dreams, health, prosperity and more. It could and often does, offer insights to the various roadblocks that have been instituted that are preventing you from achieving what is desired.

The Angel's messages are conveyed through using a card spread, the ones typically provided in the accompanying guidebook, or one that you are inspired to use. A spread can be as little as three cards upwards of ten. It all depends on the amount of details you are looking for and to what depth you wish to delve. 

Remember, once you decide to use a particular spread, you are not wedded to that spread for the remainder of your life! Explore, invent, play with other spreads. Each one can offer various nuances and details depending on how the layout is given and the emphasis of the card's placement within that particular spread.

On the other side of the wing, do not keep pulling cards until you get one that 'confirms' your thoughts. We can all do that, but then you are controlling what your answers and staying stuck in your belief system. How can that be inspiring or empowering?

 Go with the flow so to speak. Be open to receiving the unexpected. After all, if life was that predictable, I would find it rather boring, wouldn't you as well? One thing The Gang has been adamant about over the years, is that if something isn't going according to plan it often means that something is in store that is much better aligned. 

Angel Cards can BE oh so Inspiring!

As you are better grasping, hopefully, Angel Cards truly exist to help the user BEcome more empowered in their life. Angel Cards are born to honor you, support you and yes at times, Wing Slap you. You know, like head slaps, but a wing slap is a much gentler form of a wake-up call. An angelic snap out of it and it's time to set  yourself in alignment once again. 

How many Angel Card Decks does one need?

In a nutshell, just one deck suffices. However, I know professional readers, novices and everything in between that have multiple decks and depending on the situation, is drawn to work with a particular deck. 

Some professional readers even use more than one deck in the course of one reading! Me? I stick with the deck I channeled and don't use another...seriously. 

Are you ready to receive Angel Messages?

That is how I shall close, are you ready to be more inspired, empowered through a bit of help from the Winged and Haloed Gang? This is The Deck I love, adore and just happen to have channeled:

The Angel Chatter Oracle Deck



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