Angel In My Pocket

Angel In My Pocket

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You are SO busy with life! You have many moving targets to keep you busy, and at the end of the day, you are tired, unfocused, and perhaps frustrated.

You’ve become a Master Juggler and in the process have left a bit of you in the trails behind you. 

You have forgotten your WHYS. What you desire in life and why you desire. How you can feed your soul and activate your dreams. 

Does any of this ring true?

If so, please continue.

Perhaps you are craving a personal reading with Christine, but you aren’t sure where to start and are having difficulty scheduling it in YOUR time.

Take a breath. Seriously, put your hands over your heart and take a breath.

How about texting via Voxer with Christine daily for 30 days? If you are new to Voxer, it's just like texting but more private.

You get to drive the conversation! Ask daily questions for guidance, confirmation, and inspiration.

  • Text Christine and receive a thoughtful or channeled response within hours! (Keep in mind this is during normal business hours.)
  • Getting clear ideas, direction, inspiration, or perhaps a ritual to propel you on your path helps to open doors energetically so you can activate your dreams and live the life you desire and deserve. 
  • Getting an energetic hug empowers you so you can take the next step.
  • Getting a channeled message, as they come through, just for you, in response to your question.

Every day for thirty days.

It’s like having an angel in your pocket!
  • The magic will build and intensify in your life
  • You will be given opportunities to shed outdated mindsets
  • NO topic is off-limits! Seriously, no topic
  • Topics can change day to day or week to week

There is just one rule that warrants sharing before you hit that purchase button:

  • One text daily exchange daily - unless Christine invites you to follow up. Let's face it; she is prone to over-deliver. This simple rule helps keep you focused on experiencing the dreamy life you deserve.

Only you may enjoy this service for under $9 a day for a limited time! Can you imagine your life 30 days from now?

So many wondrous things can occur, and YOU are at the wheel, orchestrating it all simply because you said YES

Please note that Angel In My Pocket is limited to five clients per month.