The Five Steps to I Love You


The following exercise was handed down by Chamuel to help you love you more. The rules are quite simple. Do not go to the next step until the current step you are on is done easily, effortlessly, and lovingly. You may always back up, but never jump ahead; you’ll miss the fun of the journey.

Five Steps to “I Love You”

Place your hands over your heart. Listen to the cadence of its beat. Feel your chest rise and fall as you breathe. Call in the angels to gather and offer and give you love. Your only job? Receive. It’s a beautiful way to go to sleep.

Explanation of Step One: your heart is the birthplace of your soul. By placing your hands there, you are recognizing you. Recognition is a form of love. Therefore, you are loving you.

Repeat step one, and add the phrase, “I love you.” Your soul now hears these words and begins to soften and expand. Hold your hands in place for a minimum of three minutes and repeat, “I love you,” as often as you desire.


Explanation of Step Two: it takes receiving to yet another level and, by hearing these three little words, the body softens and the barrier of protection that is so often surrounding our bodies begins to crumble. Crumbling is a good thing. Really. That layer of protection now allows the goodness of the universe to empower you through love.

Repeat step two, and add your birth name. “ ___________, I Love You.”


Explanation of Step Three: our soul does not recognize any name other than the name given at birth. This includes terms of endearment, nicknames, or unsavory names. If you have legally changed your name, use that one. When the birth name is used, the soul is being recognized for its essence. As you now understand, recognition is a form of love.

Go to a mirror and look into those gorgeous, gorgeous eyes of yours. Place your hands over your heart and say, “I love you.” Hold and look into your insightful eyes, the window to your soul. Let the emotion of love wash over you and sink deep into your psyche.


Explanation of Step Four: by looking deep into your eyes, not at wrinkles, gray hairs, pimples, or any imperfections, you again are recognizing your soul.

Repeat step four. This is the cream of the crop, the piece de resistance, so to speak, except you knew it was coming. Add your birth name. “____________, “I love you.”


Explanation of Step Five: in this last step, you not only use your birth name, but address your soul through vision. You are seen, heard, and loved. This exercise is incredibly powerful in its love. Humans have made love so conditional we now feel the need to add the word unconditional in front to discern one from the other. There could be a book on just this very topic. This is how deep it runs and yet how powerful. Never do this. Love is love. Love is unconditional. Love is giving. Love is joy. Love is non-judgmental. Love is purity at its finest. There are no conditions.


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt and accept that loving yourself is not selfish, but indeed imperative. To read more about Chamuel and the rest of the Angelics, aka The Gang, purchase the book, Angel Chatter, Heavenly Guidance.