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The Aphrodite Necklace

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Aphrodite Necklace

The Necklace

The Aphrodite Necklace is made of solid sterling silver. Silver was chosen for its connection to the Divine Feminine and the moon. The energy of silver while powerful, is subtle. This necklace invokes the weaer to remember her inner goddess and reminds her that it is time to BE.

Its delicate, but strong chain measures 13+" with a 2" extender that is capped with a Pink Tourmaline. 

The crystals gracing the front of the Aphrodite Necklace are also Pink Tourmaline. 

Pink Tourmaline was chosen for its magical gifts such as the ability to cleanse the emotional body of past traumas and destructive feelings that have woven into the psyche. As it heals, Pink Tourmaline assists in releasing depression and anxieties while integrating a new paradigm to Love Self.


The Story of Aphrodite and Her Necklace

I have also felt a connection to Aphrodite for quite a while. She is known to BE the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure, Passion as well as Procreation. She is associated with the planet Venus (which, of course, is named after the Goddess Venus with whom Aphrodite has been also associated with). What a goddess to connect with! Her power is sublime and forces one to take stock of their world around them with egoless filters. Look deep within at the beauty around you and how one not BEcome passionate about life?

As I was doodling one day, her sigil was given to me. It was only after it was casted and molded and shared with trusted friends that it BEcame a confirmation of the connection. As you will see in the photos below, Her sigil/glyph is carved on the oldest known statue of Aphrodite in Turkey! 

The six petal flower on her crown is called the flower of Aphrodite and was assigned the meaning of fertility, love and beauty. It was also worn as an amulet. It may have represented the desert flower ORNITHOGALUM - Star of Bethlehem. 

After I BEgan to do research, for now completely intrigued, it was discovered that her sigil/glyph is part of the Magdala Stone.

The Magdala Stone

Discovered in the center of a first-century C.E. synagogue at the Galilean site of Magdala, the Magdala Stone bears one of the earliest images of the seven-branched menorah.The Magdala Stone is a stone block carved with symbols of the Temple in Jerusalem, with the core of the Temple represented (the Hall, Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies). The stone measure 1.8 by 2 feet with a height of 1 foot. Found almost in the center of the synagogue, the Magdala Stone is believed to be a piece of ceremonial furniture on which the Torah and other sacred scrolls were placed.

Carved with symbols from the Temple, the quartzite stone was discovered in the middle of an ancient synagogue near Jersuleum.

Just yet another confirmation that at present all goddesses lead back to the Magdalene.



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