Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets
Angel Intention Bracelets

Angel Intention Bracelets

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Angels, Aromatherapy AND Crystals

On Clearance

Channeling the Light Language of the Angels, sacred sigils (empowering symbols) were downloaded and were woven into the beauty of a bracelet.

Each bracelet offers these features:

  • The Angel's Sigil casted in solid sterling silver
  • Angel Chatter Logo tag at the clasp to remind you that all angels are with you always
  • A bounty of crystals connecting to the angel (quantity varies depending on the size of the crystal)
  • Four Angel Aura Crystals to magnify and protect you so you may walk with greater confidence throughout your day
  • Four Lava Beads to hold your sacred oil blend
  • 7" in length, which accommodates most wrists.


Also included is one dram of the angel's pure essential oil blend found in our sacred aromatherapy line; candles, misters, and droppers.

Each bracelet is accompanied with a small leaflet detailing the angel, their mission, the crystals chosen, and lastly listed will be the angel's sacred oil ingredients.

Are you not sure which angel(s) is best for you now? Soften your gaze and see which one(s) you are most drawn to. It may be the angel, it may be their crystal, it may be...

Nine Angels are lovingly offered and are listed below in alphabetical order, along with their chosen crystals and sacred oils. 


    • Chamuel, Angel of Self Love. Kunzite was chosen for its Divine Loving energies, allowing one to attract and maintain love as it clears the heart chakra. Contains the essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla bean, amber, fir needle, and oak moss.
    • Gabriel, Angel of Miracles. Carnelian was chosen for not only its restorative properties, but for its attributes of offering courage, creativity and prompting one for great success in all endeavors, but especially those stemming from the heart. Contains the essential oils of sweet orange, cedarwood, neroli, peppermint, and rose.
    • Haniel, Angel of Manifestation. Apatite was chosen to prompt the wearer to use their personal power to manifest goals as it clears confusion, lethargy, and negativity. Contains the essential oils of ylang ylang, jasmine, clary sage and coriander.
    • Jophiel, Angel of Empowering Joy. Yellow Opal offers vitality and energy while lightening one's countenance toward life as it protects from daily stress and dangers. It contains the essential oils of cinnamon, clove, and sweet orange.
    • Metatron, Angel of Soul's Alignment. Auralite is a true Stone of Awakening as it aligns the DNA system within the human body and activates at the cellular level, causing the user to take action following their soul's alignment. It contains the essential oils of lemon, rose, grapefruit, and frankincense.
    • RaphaelAngel of Healing. Diopside is used for general healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. As it clears imbalances, it implants love and commitment energies towards self. Contains the essential oils of lavender, sea kelp, blue green algae extract and coconut.
    • Sandalphon, Angel of Presence. Smoky Quartz gently cleanses all lower vibrations and instills a layer of protection and grounding. This allows one to reach for the stars and receive messages while BEing present. It contains the essential oils of black pepper, sandalwood, jasmine, and lime.
    • Uriel, Angel of Safety. Garnet is a Stone of Self Empowerment. It reminds one of their natural royal lineage and they are safe to BE their most authentic self at all times. Contains the essential oils of rosemary, fir needle, pettigrane, grapefruit, clove and sweet orange. 
    • Zadkiel, Angel of Purification. Tanzanite offers spiritual healing while strengthening one's connection to the angelic realm. It promotes calmness while undergoing transformation and purification. Lastly, it connects the mind with the heart, empowering one to live life more heart based. Contains the essential oils of ylang ylang, frangipani, frankincense and myrrh.


Made with love in the USA

Please note, as crystals are natural, the shapes of the stones may vary from time to time. We always strive to be consistent, but not always possible. Thank you for your understanding .



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