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Goddess Anointing Oils

$ 29.00

Goddess Power in a Bottle 

Think of our Goddess Anointing Oils as more of a powerful personal indoctrination and connectedness with the Divine Feminine. Each one of our Goddess Anointing will help you do just that; strengthen and deepen your connection to the offered Goddesses. Using as part of your daily ritual is already showing to BE a quite powerful tool that honors you as you go about to day to day activities from the mundane to the spiritual and everything in between.

Our Goddess Anointing Oils provide these empowering features:

  • Pure Essential Oils. Almond Oil is the carrier oil.
  • Goddess Infusion. Each Anointing Oil connects to and is charged with the energy of the goddess and her mission. How? Through the Goddess Sigil Christine channeled that is on the label.
  • NO artificial anything; no alcohol, no nothing to distract from the pure channeled frequency.
  • Larger than the Angelic Ritual Droppers. The Goddess Anointing Oils are 30ml/1.6 oz

Some suggestions on how to use your Goddess Anointing Oils:

    • Directly on a chakra location, allow the Goddess to guide you.
    • On your body’s pulse points to heighten the scent and energy.
    • The soles of your feet. This works akin to reflexology; the energy will flow up into your bodies going where needed.
    • As part of your diffuser routine.
    • A drop or two on your hands. Hold your hands over your face and allow the goddess power to seep into every cell empowering you as you breathe it all in.

Our offerings Include:

    • Aphrodite - The Goddess of Love, Beauty, Passion and Procreation. Use to uplift from the inner core. As with all goddesses, Aphrodite will pull no punches in propelling you on your path.
    • Isis - The Goddess of Magic, Fertility and Life. As the mother of ALL, Isis will assist in not only the bearing and raising of children, but to assist you in birthing your true Divine Essence, no matter your true path.
    • Kwan Yin - The Goddess of Compassion. She assists in the powerful, but gentle healing for all of humankind, including self. Allow her to enter and to remind you to BE ever gentle on self and others through love and compassion. 
    • Mary Magdalene - Goddess of Perseverance. Who better to call upon than Mary Magdalene when undergoing spasms of fear of moving forward? By tapping into her courage, bravery and tenacity, one can only succeed in their mission.
    • Mother Mary - Queen of Heaven and Goddess of Goddesses. It is through her sigil that represents not only the trinity, but As Above, So Below, The Feminine merging with the Masculine and more. 


Not intended to heal, but to inspire, infuse and empower with angelic energies. Contains water, 100% pure essential oils, and crystals. For topical use only.

Made with love and joy in the USA



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