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The Isis Necklace

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Isis Necklace

The Necklace

Isis' necklace is a blend of silver and gold. It is the melding of the Divine Feminine and Masculine once more at play. It measures 16" with a 2" extender capped with peridot.

  • The pendant is sterling silver with gold overlay
  • The chain is gold vermeil
  • Isis' sigil/glyph represents the BEginning. The BEginning of life and time as humankind understands it, but going back much, much further. 
  • The stone of peridot was chosen for the properties of high protective powers of driving out darkness as well as one's aura. Peridot is also associated with ridding one of low vibration patterns that prevent one from living life as desired as aligned with their soul's mission. Lastly, it is aligned with The Divine's true essence, that of Love, thus empowering one to own their true essence as they walk their path.

The Story of Isis and Her Necklace 


The Egyptian goddess is often venerated as the "Sorrowing Mother" and the "Loving Comforter". She is represented in pictures and statues as holding her divine child, Horus, in her arms. Statues of black Madonnas, worshipped in certain French cathedrals during the Middle Ages, have proved upon examination to be basalt statues of Isis! Later in history, Isis morphed into Miriam, the prophetess.

She continues to protect all women and children and uses her magic for the greatness of all to unveil their true divinity.

Isis, like many of the goddesses, has been with me for decades. Her energy is strong, yet sublime. She is patient for one to recognize her, but once recognition is there, she will enter your life with great aplomb. 

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