Respite With The Magdalene
Mary Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene
Mary Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene
Respite With The Magdalene

Respite With The Magdalene

Regular price $ 48.00


You have asked, we listened, and now offer a way for you to connect with The Magdalene monthly in a sacred group setting. 

Are you willing and ready to:

  • Lean into The Magdalene's energy?
  • Shifting and seeing things differently?
  • Heal, Love, and Release old mindsets and deep-seated pains?
  • Support fellow goddesses along their journey as you wish to BE supported?

I bet you are. Who wouldn’t desire this and more?

As you most likely know by now, I channel The Magdalene. It’s her greatest desire to help you to BE Love as you stand confidently on The Platform of Love. She comes through me because she does indeed love you and wants to empower you, through Love. 

The Magdalene is:

Above all, she is Loving. 


  • promise to BE fully present at each Magdalene Respite Gathering
  • promise to support and cheer you on within our sacred circle
  • promise to BE here for YOU

What do you need to promise to do?

  • BE present on our twice-monthly ZOOM calls

That's it; just show up and BE open to receiving.



  • We will gather monthly on Zoom. The links will be provided in our private Facebook group. 

  • All Respite Gatherings are recorded. As a member, you are free to download and save the recordings.

  • With a one-month minimum, and as a founder, you are locked in at $48/month for as long as you remain an active participant.  Details of membership offerings are listed below; you will note that the four and twelve-month memberships offer a discount.

  • This is an organic gathering. However, The Magdalene prefers a focused energy/topic each month; she knows well that we will go 'off script.' 

  • She will share messages at each gathering and take your questions. If you cannot attend but have a burning question, you may ask before our gathering, and she will be pleased to answer.


Membership Options

  • One Time Visit - as long as you continue to renew each month, you maintain the $48 founder's rate.

  • Four Month Membership - 

  • One Year Membership - Receive one month free as The Magdalene's Thank You for committing to you for an entire year.

  • Please note that all options offer a payment plan.


Some clients share their experiences from their private sessions:

I'll admit, I WAS nervous! She is so loving and wise I was put at ease right away.


WOW, Christine, you have such a gift. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU


She spoke with a calm purpose. She was forthright and diligent. She had answers to all the questions I had. She is no-nonsense as well as captivating. She put to rest all my doubts about my plans and what is before me. All that I previously learned of her was wrong. For those with eyes to see. 


If you ever had any reservations about Christine Alexandria and her connection to Mary Magdalene, I can tell you for 1000%, it’s all genuine, just like Christine.