Adieu 2020!

Adieu 2020!

Wow, here we are. The last installment for the year. The year I can safely predict all can't wait to see its backside, me included. The year that churned up fear to an all-time new high. The year that masks became a fashion statement. The year that working from home was not only a luxury, but a necessity. The year that many lost a loved one to a disease still defining itself. 

The year that puts us collectively in the corner to ponder, think, remember our personal 'whys' and remember humanity at large. 

What has happened? Judgment. I am no different. 'how could so-and-so do that?' How can they believe this to BE truth? Well, you get the idea. 

However, this is the year we, because I did sit in the corner, and often, took that time to reflect. 

My judgements turned on me. I realized I was judging and I didn't feel so good afterwards. I felt my power slipping and bile replacing it. My thoughts are just that; mine. My way of doing things are just that; my way. If another felt comfortable enough to eat in a restaurant, more power to them and sent them massive shields of protection and waves of LOVE. However, I just wouldn't see them for the two week period. Why? I LOVE life and know my mission is far from fulfilled. Fear based? Some may retain that to BE their truth. However, I don't enjoy roulette, so why play? 

What else happened? 

A redefinition of my whys and how I will go about fulfilling that hole in my heart in the line of service. Like you, I had great plans for 2020; a total repackaging of all the aromatherapy products, as an example, to only place it on hold due to imports slowing down which means no new candle jars - for now. New jars? Nice to have, but not necessarily. My whys run deeper, much deeper. 

My whys are of service. My whys are family related. My whys are Acts of Compassion. 

I came back to them ten-fold and hope you are remembering as well. 

Remember, while truth may be squashed, it never dies for it is the truth. Just as your beautiful light may get diminished, it is never truly extinguished. Your whys are held in Love and Safety within.

Your Challenge

Before the new year starts, sit this week in contemplation. Have a journal and pen handy. 

You know, by now that the word for 2021is Grace. What can you make your personal mission statement for the year that instills Grace?

What could you do in service that is Grace-filled?
What could you bring outwardly with a bit more Grace?

Not sure? Sit with The Magdalene. She will be only too happy to kickstart you. Need more inspiration that is tangible from her? Consider one of her many products; necklace, sacred candle or sacred oil.

Allow plenty of time to write this out, but before you do, it is story time.

Story Time

I was gazing out our kitchen window and a sight to BEhold presented itself.

A pair of deer; a doe and a four pointed buck!

They stood in their majesty for such a long period of time. They looked around at their kingdom, nibbled on leaves, nuzzled each other in union. They are magnificent! I sat in wonder at the gift and thanked them both profusely for the visit. I also thanked Sandalphon (Angel of Grounding) and Thuriel (Angel of Animals) and Chamuel (Angel of Self Love) for their visit.

While seeing a doe with fawns tagging along isn't unusual where we live, seeing a buck is. This is fourth time in four years (angels playing much here? as '4' is a very big angel number) to have Buck come into my life. They always take my breath away. The backstory is that I've been drawn to deer since a child and embrace the wisdom they share as they are of my totem animals.

However, a sighting such as this duo is rather rare. To see them both, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine enter was a beautiful reminder to BE. Of course it had me scrambling to unearth their meaning: 


When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are able to bring gentleness and grace in every aspects of your life, even in the most challenging moments. By inspiration from the deer’s qualities, you can achieve ambitious goals and tackle difficult situations smoothly with a touch of gentleness and grace.

via the website:

spirit animal 


Okay, they got my attention. Much more was shared via them directly and the site, but that is for me. The word, grace is woven in constantly throughout this author's definition of Deer as a totem animal. Ironic? I think not. A not so subtle wing slap? Most definitely. Remember, one can BE very strong in their LOVE and Grace. Having a gentle side does not regulate you to BEing a pushover or a weenie. Isn't it one of our unspoken desires to BE approachable, soft and yet stall worthy? One filled with Love, Grace, Compassion and yet courageous, strong and keeps moving forward? 

I think so. I'm sure you do as well if you listen to the whisperings of your soul closely. 

As a reminder, Deer is a representation of Chamuel, The Angel of Self Love. I find it not ironic that they showed themselves at the Beginning of my week 'off'; no clients and taking the opportunity to cleanse our home, clear the energy and to sit in silence as I BEgin in earnest writing the next book.

Now What?

As we collectively move forward, get ready. More relationships will be challenged. Authority tested. This happened within our sacred space just last week. Not a big kerfuffle, by any stretch of the imagination, but a challenge all the same. That person has decided to leave. We wish her/him well on the wings of angels. 

This won't be the last. Why?

As you grow in your power, you change. If this year hasn't taught you anything, folks in general abhor change. Which means that you could be challenged as to your authority. You could be tested by another as to your prowess and gifts. You could run back to the safety net of indecision as a result, but please don't do that. Remember, you could equally rise above the fray, BE that Deer filled with strong loving grace and move forward on your path.  

The choice is indeed yours, but please remember, the universe needs you and your gifts NOW. 

Why is this so prevalent now? We have officially entered the Age of Aquarius. This aligns completely with what has been shared in this space for months, through private sessions and of course The Course. 

NOW is the time for you, yes you, to align more deeply with your power and your soul.

What fills the hole in your heart?
What speaks truth to you?
What are you here to do and how do you wish to BEcome it?


It's time and the time is now.



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