Full Buck Moon AND Partial Lunar Eclipse AND Mercury in Retrograde... OH MY!

Archangel Raphael Mandala

Full Buck Moon AND Partial Lunar Eclipse AND Mercury in Retrograde... OH MY

Yes, Yes, Yes, the Full Buck Moon was last night, but when you combine it with Mercury Retrograding, the energy is still quite intense and is prime time for.... wait for it...

Letting Go

It is prime time to let go of what's not serving you; physically, mentally, emotionally and of course spiritually. Just like last week, let's break it down, category by category.

How to Let Go Physically

This has Clutter Clearing alllll over it! My students first angel is Archangel Michael, aka Big Mike, and his assignment? Clear the Clutter. Focus on one area, but notice how the energy shifts in ALL areas. 

Why clutter clearing? One may think learning better protection skills - which you do in Michael's lesson, but in order to BE better protected in all areas of your life, clearing clutter is high on his list.


I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until I find a better phrase. What guides me when clearing the clutter in our home, when I'm really in one of those tackling moods, is this:

Love It
Use It
Lose It

It's really that simple of a phrase and oh my so powerful!
If it doesn't bring you great joy (Love) when you gaze upon it; whether it be a painting, print, pottery, crystals (yes I said crystals), it's time for it to go. There are so many ways to let go; donate, throw out, repurpose and regift. Just this past week a dear client, who is moving, sold a bunch of goodies she no longer loved. I commented on one butter/cheese dish. Without a second thought, she mailed it to me. I treasure it. It reminds me of our trip to Ireland a few years back and of course it is Belleek China - Irish made. 

If you don't use it; clothing, kitchen appliances (bread machine?), games (video, board, etc), books - you got it, out they go. This one is harder to tackle for me; I come up with phrases, I used it.... ummm ... well okay I can't remember when is the last time, so I guess out it goes... harumphf... Clothing is a funny animal. My rule is two years which I believe is one year longer than most experts. I know me. I can be fickled and rotate my style on an edge of a dime, so I keep things around for a bit. Some of my more funky things stay a lot longer. Why? BEcause I do LOVE them and yes they still fit. Just waiting for the right event to wear again. 
If your stuff doesn't fall under those two categories above, then it IS time to Lose It.
Buuuttt... I hear you whining already. YES Lose It. Donate It or Regift It.
That simple.

How to Let Go Mentally

Letting go mentally isn't as hard as it may sound. There are a bevy of activities that you can participate in. Yes, activities to quiet the mind:

  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Forest Bathing
  • Ballet
  • Massage

If you notice the short list above, and it could BE much longer, they are quiet moments in time. They are not strenuous by nature, depending on your physical strength. True, one may sweat in ballet or yoga class, but having participated in each of those modalities for years, I find them reflective. There is no time for chitter chat, with the exception or pre or post class. It is with the slow movements that one reconnects with their physical body (see how I snuck that in?) that quiets the mind. 

Meditation can be a lifelong practice. Typically one starts with guided meditation. It helps the meditatee to have something to focus on besides blank space. It is why I recorded the loved meditations that are in my latest book. Give them both a whirl. Reviews have been very positive. 

It is changing your story. What you believe to be the truth. Often times it is a mindset that certainly isn't serving you well at all. If you aren't sure, notice your thoughts. How do they make you feel? Constricted, ick, meh, blah? That's your answer... If you aren't sure how to switch those mind fodder thoughts, give Askfirmations a go. It's easy, rather fun, but very empowering and potentially life changing. 

Product promotion? Only BEcause I KNOW they are helpful and empowering. 

How to Let Go Emotionally

This plays into Chamuel's, The Angel of Self Love, area of expertise. Why? When one BEgins to LOVE themselves more, emotionally they are more upbeat, charged for what life has to yet offer and their perception of self worth rises... often quite a bit. 

What to do? Chat with Chamuel. Get some rose quartz - the premier stone of self love. Get some Chamuel related products; bracelets, candles (super yummy by the way) and/or meditate with Chamuel. This Act of Self Love is not for the faint of heart. It is a lifelong adventure for there will always be aspects of ourselves to love more. As each steps forward, sometimes timidly, sometimes boldly, a new layer becomes exposed in the aftermath. That is not shared to intimidate or scare you, but rather a warning. OR you may look at it excitingly - MORE TO LOVE!

Think of it that there is MORE TO LOVE!

How juicy is that?!

Very juicy.

How to Let Go Spiritually

Part of the clutter clearing will have you also getting rid of those self help, woo-woo books. Sell those babies on Amazon or donate to the local library! You've outgrown that thought process. However, it doesn't mean it won't be helpful to another who may be just starting out. 

I have a difficult time trusting an expert who says animals don't have souls or Raphael is the angel of abundance. Just goes against everything they have told me. So those 'experts' have gone to the wayside in my book and their books are long gone. 

Find a teacher or mentor that you resonate with. Do they have the same kind of quirky sense of humor as you? Do they make you feel comfortable and not weird? Do they support you? Do they challenge you? In other words, hold up a proverbial mirror and share what they see.

For some of you it may mean leaving a church. For some of you it may mean finding a church. Both are correct; for you. Only you can answer that question. 

I regularly go through my laundry list of spiritual advisors and my current list is very short and quite sacred. The bookshelf in my office has ample space on each shelf to allow more spiritual wisdom in via a book or two or three. 

Crystals have been passed along to students that no longer resonated with me. Oracle decks burned in the fire pit - yes really - did not like the energy and felt it disingenuous to pass along. The perk? It was incredibly cathartic!

Of course I am here for you. There are a bevy of services that allow us to work together and each one is fine tuned for you. As a reminder we have one weekend still open for 2019. Many have said they are interested, but none have said YES - is it for you? 

What Angel to Chat With During this Letting Go Phase...

Once again Raphael steps forward. 


He is the Angel of Healing. Isn't Letting Go healing at the very core of it all?

I think so and apparently he does as well. 

As there are layers of healing; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are layers of Letting Go; physically, mentally, emotionally and you got it, spiritually. 

Archangel Raphael Mandala


Focus on his mandala above and meditate while Letting Go. Allow his sigil to guide you to areas of your life that are ready to Let Go. Image a mighty buck lifting these burdens off of you. Why a buck? We have just experienced a Full Buck Moon. 

Until next week, relax, see what comes to mind/heart that is ready to Let Go.

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