How to Cleanse Angel Cards

How to Cleanse Angel Cards

This post makes me chuckle. I can't lie! Why is that? For starters, The Angel Chatter Oracle Deck NEVER requires energy cleansing. True!

Say what?

Apparently unbeknownst to me while I was busy taking dictation during that two week period when the deck and guidebook were written, The Gang, aka the angels, put the energies of the Violet Flame into the entire project! For those not familiar with the violet flame, here is a quick definition.

The violet flame is a flame that is violet in color. Easy so far, eh? ALL the violet flame does is transmute. Transmute can be easily defined as taking the kaka of life and putting it back to its original state of purity. It is a highly evolved spiritual tool that is overseen by St. Germaine AND Archangel Zadkiel. It is associated with the crown chakra area, the seat of the thousand petal lotus. It take a moment to learn about the violet flame, but perhaps years to fully understand and master. It can do no harm as all it does is transmute, past, present and future. More on this later in perhaps another post. OR you may desire to take the Authorization Course and it is discussed in deeper detail in Zadkiel’s lesson.

Back to The Angel Chatter Oracle Deck…

I was totally clueless about the violet flame BEing in the deck for approximately two years, from conception to print to BEing in existence. THEN I began to notice something...

While we are at metaphysical shows we provide a mosh pile of sorts for the cards. It allows folks to play with them and get to know their energy. It’s always a fun way to get to chat with new Chatterers as well as more seasoned. However, time and time again I saw faces filled with shock as they read the card’s message. Friends would lightly punch their friend and say

“LOOK” DID you see the card I just pulled? We were JUST talking about this!”

This happened often at every single show and still does. It got me thinking; what IS going on here? I mean I LOVE my deck. It took years for me to gather enough courage to get it out there, but what was about that made it special? I had never had this kind of reaction with another deck (and trust me I had more than a few at one point). Nor had I seen others have this kind of a reaction to other decks.

Keep in mind that I don't have time to scamper around at shows to clear the deck. I'm busy with readings many times over 30 in just one weekend). We’re busy with ringing up purchases, chatting with folks and keeping things tidy. Saturday evening we are starving and look forward to a date night of sorts to catch up. By the time Sunday night rolls around, just slap on butter and jam... I'm TOAST.

After well over a year of the cards being out there, light dawned. I could ask the originators…the angels. I finally asked The Gang... 'What's going on?'

"OHHHHH, yeah, we didn't tell you; knew it would freak you out if we told you initially. We put the energy of the Violet Flame into the project. This means the deck is always cleansing itself. For better or worse, the perfect card(s) is always chosen."

Pretty cool, huh?

I thought so. Hope you do too. Although I will admit it took me another span of time to come out with this tidbit publicly.

NOW, if you don't have the Angel Chatter Oracle Cards, following are some tried and true ways to cleanse your deck, whether they be tarot or oracle.



Smudging is a time honored space clearing tradition that has deep roots in the Native American culture. There are many kinds of herbs/plants that can be used to smudge; however, sage is the most common and respected. One simply lights up the bundle and allows it to smolder. The smoke of the sage helps to ‘fluff’ up the lower energies allowing them to release. This leave your space and in this case, your deck, clear and ready to work again.

The downside? It's smokey! One must open a window and/or door to allow the smoke to escape. If you have ongoing breathing issues such as asthma, smudging can and is an issue. There are many other alternatives known and available these days, please try to find another for your health.

On an energy note, I’m hesitate to using sage at all any more. Why go against a time honored tradition? Here's why: We lived in a gorgeous home a few years back and every time I smudged, the energies got worse! True! Turns out sage can fuel some energies. Who knew? I now err on the side of caution and don't sage pretty much at all these days.

What do I use? The Zadkiel Candle, Sacred Mister or Sacred Roll On (can be used directly on the deck or your person); filled with the Violet Flame energies. Clears out the crap while setting a much better empowering intention.

Works like a charm.



Selenite is my go to for cleansing in the crystal kingdom. Selenite is a gorgeous opaque white crystal that can easily be found polished or in its raw state. The photo here is one from our personal collection. Its high, soft powered energies are perfectly aligned with the angels and for clearing. Keep in mind that due to its softness and porous matrix, it will dissolve when put in water! Not immediately mind you, but please never put your selenite outside in a storm or in a bottle of water. You may come back to a much smaller crystal or no crystal at all!

I travel with a small collection of stones the have I dubbed Show Stones. These sit on my reading table; helps clients to play with them during their reading. Of course there is a selenite within the collection. This helps keep them all very happy with little maintenance on my part. 

Selenite can also be used to clear your deck. Depending which is larger, the deck or selenite, place one on top of the other. It’s that simple. No overthinking needed.

How long to leave them together? A few hours typically does the trick, but the deck shall call to you and let you know it's done and ready to get back to work. Depending on how long it’s gone dormant or how many have played with it, it may wish to linger with the selenite for a longer period of time.

You'll know when it's ready to come out again.



This was my initial lesson in clearing decks. Knock on the deck twice. It is said to clear it as well as wake it up.

Verdict is still out on this one for me. However, it is also said, energy flows where attention goes, so whom am I to judge this doesn't work? It’s such a time honored way of clearing, it had to be included in this post although I’m personally not a fan.



As Luna is glorious in crystal clearing and charging, why wouldn't she be equally beneficial for your tarot and oracle decks?

Certainly leaving paper outside over night very likely will attract dew, etc. This may not be in your best interests and for the deck’s physical integrity. Therefore, leave your deck by a window to be as exposed as possible to her energies and shifts. Remember, each moon phase holds different energy, pay attention to your desire for this cycle.

As an example:

New moon = new beginnings

Full moon = ending of a cycle and being rid of whatever has clogged the reception.



I LOVE a good ol' thunderstorm. The air is alive just before and especially afterwards. All the elements are present, wind, fire (lightening) and not to mention the water. Oh the thunder! Those cracks can rattle a building and take down the most stoic of trees when combined with the lightening.

Can you imagine what it does to the energy surrounding you?

It's why I put out as many crystals prior to a storm - clear and charge in one swift movement. Clear quartz especially LOVES storms; they are the Master Crystal and as such hold all the elements. Try it and can guarantee they will be beyond happy afterwards.

Word of caution, obviously you put out the crystals before the storm hits, not during. Please be smart about it all.

I digressed momentarily, sorry. Obviously you cannot put your deck outside unless you are willing sacrificing it. Putting it near a window with the intention to clear and charge will allow the storm to do its magic while it supercharges your deck and keeping it safe.


Wrap Up

Hopefully this offers some tried and valued ways to clear your deck so it continues to work with and for you while you allow the Others; angels, masters, guides to get their messages through to you.

Want to know more about the Angel Chatter deck? Click on the hyperlink. I look forward to hearing of other ideas that you have used to clear your decks.

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    Don’t know how I missed this one. Good reading thank you for all your tremendous insights you feed us daily.

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