Is World Peace Even Possible?

Archangel Metatron Mandala, Christine Alexandria/Angel Chatter

The world seems to be going south at the moment, doesn't it.

Folks are frenetic with concern and worry. 

One doesn't have to be overly sensitive, empathic or even psychic to feel this one.

So IS World Peace Even Possible?

In a nutshell, YES.

However, it does start within. 

It All Starts From Within

Isn't it easier to blame another for events gone awry in your world?

Isn't it easier to blame restaurants for your weight gain (must be for there are countless lawsuits with this in mind.) 

Isn't is easier to throw another under the proverbial bus?

Of course it can BE, but you know in your heart of hearts it isn't.

What it is is this: It is more exhausting. It is exhausting to keep up the facade of blame. This blame turns to anger at some point. Anger festers. Anger isn't nice. Anger begets more anger and if continued to left unchecked an literally make one ill on the physical, emotional, mental and most certainly the spiritual level.

Wouldn't it BE easier, in the long run to simply acknowledge self?

You know in your heart it would BE. Will this journey be easy? It depends on how steeped in anger one is, but trust me, oh so worth it!

Remember each soul is the Cog in the Wheel that holds their life together. Therefore, YOU are the common factor in all of the things, people, relationships, etc. in your universe.


Not anybody else. 

It can be a rather hard pill to swallow, can't it? Truth sometimes can be difficult to face. 

Try this

Place your hands over your heart. Yes, yes, yes, this exercise again. Why do I regularly use this to get you to calm down, relax and re-connect?

It works. 

As I was saying, place your hands over your heart. 

Gently close your eyes. Listen to your soul's cadence. 

Cadence? Yes this would be your heartbeat. Remember, your heart is the birthplace of your soul and, therefore, its beat is your soul's cadence. 

Relax into YOU. 

The BEauty of you. 

The essence of you. 

This is Peace.

This is Love.

This is the Universe. 


Is World Peace Even Possible?

Before you answer, did you do the above exercise? Did you feel your shoulders relax? Did you notice your breath slow? Did you notice your mind quiet? Did you feel anger heighten or diminish?

If not, repeat as necessary until you do.

Once you can answer yes to all the questions above, feel that peace, own that peace, BE that peace. 

Peace, Love, Grace and more all start within. 


Once you own your Peace. Once you own your Love. Once you own your Grace, all is possible. 

Including World Peace. 

Break it down even further. 

IF it starts within, and it does, and once one owns their true essence, they BEgin to exude it. As example, just this past weekend we vended at a metaphysical show. It IS a lovely metaphysical show, although it was slow. This is through no fault of the coordinators, etc. It is what it is. I met lovely clients, customers and actually had moments to chat with vendors I've never had the opportunity before. Financially profitable? Yes, but not where we deem to BE. 

One could have complained, vented and done all things ICK. Would that have solved or changed anything? NO. Therefore, why bother? 

We stayed true to ourselves. Quirky, happy, periodic game score checking (ok that WAS not me - really!). When we were leaving for the weekend, one of the coordinators thanked me profusely and then tells me how phenomenal my energy is. 

I chose to BE uplifting, happy, loving and much more. It is a mindset.

What is YOUR Mindset?

Granted, there are some folks who just seem miserable. We all know of someone of this ilk. Are they wired that way? I truly don't believe so; I have never encountered an unhappy baby. 

It is a learned experience, mindset. 

Whether it is due to experience, protective (IF I'm bitchy, nobody will bug me ergos I'm protected), etc. who knows, but it is learned. 

Let's unlearn that for it is exhausting. 

Let's relearn The Center. Grace. Love. Peace. 

Start with one of these traits. Slowly shift your awareness on a daily basis to one of gratitude. Why gratitude? Afterall that wasn't mentioned above. When one is more grateful; truly grateful and not just mumbling the sentiment, it opens the doors to all sorts of possibilities, including Grace, Love and Peace. 

Use your Askfirmations! IF you are unfamiliar with this high power and easy tool, skip over to the webpage in the highlighted link. 

There are so many ways to shift your mindset; diet, exercise, a noisy furry cat (Schroeder entered this very moment to announce his supreme BEingness), community. Of course if you are not part of our sacred Facebook community, Angel Chatter, you are lovingly invited to join us. 

It's the Trickle Effect. Will the world change overnight? Only if everyone honored themselves from their center; their soul. Until then, no it won't change overnight. The more you stay uplifted, the more people you affect in a positive manner. Remember, no matter your mood, it trickles outwardly. No matter the mood of another, you have complete control over how you act and react.


What AngelS play into this Inner Peace?

Meet the 'Dynamic Duo' Sandalphon and his twin, Metatron. Sandalphon oversees the EarthStar Chakra which is located approximately six inches below your feet. Metatron oversees the SoulStar Chakra which is approximately six inches above your head. 

Grounding and Soaring simultaneously.  

Archangel Sandalphon Mandala, Christine Alexandris

Archangel Metatron Mandala, Christine Alexandria









        Archangel Sandalphon                                       Archangel Metatron


Where do you BElieve these two would join? If you guessed your heart, you are correct for it is the center. Your center.

As Sandalphon helps you to ground and BE ever present with life, Metatron helps you to re-connect with Universal energies and your soul's mission.

Imagine life BEing.

Imagine life and having the ability to rise above the fray, the craziness, the lower energies that govern so many. 

You can when you chat with these two more in earnest and on a regular basis. Start with meditating, reading and exploring more about them. 

Until next week, I wish you moments of BEing, pure and simple.


This is a heady and loving topic and one that may bear repeating over time. Sit with the information and I look forward, as always, reading your comments and how you are exploring your Inner BEing. 



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  • Camille

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder!! My life is becoming more public and I feel my own fears and anxiety starting to rise! This information will be important for me to absorb and remember!
    Love today’s message!


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