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New Moon = New Beginnings, but the journey to get there! March 16 2015 1 Comment

You may be feeling a bit off. You may be feeling a bit unsettled. You may be feeling...

All are very valid emotions and it's as though you are falling into a bottomless pit. 

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, these are part of the energies that the new moon is raising for so many right now. This moon combined with some astrological aspects that I honestly don't fully understand (it makes my hair hurt), but have chatted enough with the angels to feel this newness that is upon us all.

This newness is going to illuminate what is no longer serving at a personal up to the universal level. Pay note at what is triggering you emotionally and spiritually. An actual event may trigger these emotions; let's say a 'no' or misplaced item throws you into a game of you vs. ego.

Am I on the right track?

Am I too far out there?

Do I need to start over?

and more.

Instead of fueling the ego by playing its game of 'Woe is me', notice where you feel it hitting you emotionally within your physical body. While focusing on that area alone within, say:

I'm sorry

Please forgive me

I love you

Thank you

This is the Hawaiian healing technique known as ho'oponopono. Bottom line? It heals through love. Isn't that the best? As you say this four-lined phrase over and over while focusing on the angst, the angst slowly diminishes and you become more empowered.

Isn't that the way you are meant to live? Empowered.

Keep in touch and let me know how this works for you.

Something to strive for March 13 2015

My last grandparent died the other day, or as I like to say, 'She skipped over to the other side.'

As we often do these days, we share our personal lives on social media. This was no exception. My family from across the globe began to share at the emptiness we now felt, but a wonderful thing began to emerge as others shared their memories of her. Keep in mind my grandmother was 99. She never owned a computer, smart phone or any of that stuff. Yet people remembered her from decades past. They remembered how quickly she was to jump in to help another. The remembered her smile and laughter. They remembered her hugs, which you always had to bend down for because she was petite. 

They remembered.

She was a nursery school aid. She loved hundreds, if not thousands of children in their young lives. In fact one of her students is now my sis-in-law. She kept a special spot for her for my brother for close to twenty years. Grandma drove 'the old people' around to their appointments, when in fact she was older than them! She provided, loved, nursed, adored, argued (don't ever under-estimate her intelligence and wit!)

So while this post is typed admist tears and sorrow, she left a legacy that only a few will ever achieve simply by being her. She never felt the need to be something she wasn't. She didn't care what religion, color, sex you were. You were fantastic as you were and she was quick to remind you of that. She was love and loved by many.

Now that is something to strive for, wouldn't you say?