The Ishtar Necklace - Angel Chatter - Christine Alexandria
The Ishtar Necklace - Angel Chatter - Christine Alexandria
The Ishtar Necklace - Angel Chatter
The Ishtar Necklace - Angel Chatter - Christine Alexandria
The Ishtar Necklace - Angel Chatter - Christine Alexandria
The Ishtar Necklace - Angel Chatter

The Ishtar Necklace

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The Ishtar Necklace

The Necklace

Ishtar's Necklace measures 18" in length with a 2" extender that is capped by a genuine rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and tear drop tanzanite. The chain as well as the extender are sterling silver.

The necklace is a blend of solid sterling silver and gold plating. The union of both metals represents the sacred union of energies; Silver represents the Divine Feminine while Gold represents the Divine Masculine.

The design of Ishtar's sigil/glyph has profound and deep representation and may look familiar, especially if you have a deck of the Angel Chatter Oracle Cards:

  • The entire sigil is the back of the Angel Chatter Oracle Cards. This gives a nod to how long Ishtar has been with us all.
  • The base, the Flower of Life is in solid Sterling Silver. The Flower of Life symbolizes the unity of ALL and the Love that is woven throughout ALL.
  • The Rose Compass represents the Love from the BEginning as it is overlaid on the Flower of Life. Once more allowing Love to rule one's actions and inactions. It is solid Sterling Silver with a Gold Overlay.
  • London Blue Topaz was chosen for its properties of Love, Clarity, Protection. It combines three elemental properties; wind, water and air. It helps one to focus on what truly matters; from the heart vs. ego. As one assimilates its energies, clearer communication is just one of the many perks.
  • The Extender, as mentioned is capped with three crystals in this order; amethyst to keep all energies clear as you evolve on your spiritual path, clear quartz to up the energies of all, rose quartz the ever present reminder to love your self first and lastly, tanzanite to assist in your transformation.

The Story of Ishtar and Her Necklace 

As mentioned, this design may seem familiar to you. Indeed if you have the Angel Chatter Oracle Cards, you're right. Back in 2016 this image screamed to BEcome a pendant. We acted, but everything about this project moved in slow motion. At times it completely stalled. After extended research, this information was found courtesy of Wikipedia: 

The star of Inanna usually has eight points, though the exact number of points sometimes varies. Six-pointed stars also occur frequently, but their symbolic meaning is unknown. It was Inanna's most common symbol and, in later times, it became the most common symbol of the goddess Ishtar, Inanna's East Semitic counterpart. It seems to have originally borne a general association with the heavens, but, by the Old Babylonian Period, it had come to be specifically associated with the planet Venus, with which Ishtar was identified. Starting during this same period, the star of Ishtar was normally enclosed within a circular disc.
During later times, slaves who worked in Ishtar's temples were sometimes branded with the seal of the eight-pointed star. On boundary stones and cylinder seals, the eight-pointed star is sometimes shown alongside the crescent moon, which was the symbol of Sin, god of the Moon, and the rayed solar disk, which was a symbol of Shamash, the god of the Sun.
The rosette was another important symbol of Ishtar which had originally belonged to Inanna. During the Neo-Assyrian Period, the rosette may have actually eclipsed the eight-pointed star and become Ishtar's primary symbol. The temple of Ishtar in the city of Aššur was adorned with numerous rosettes.

Jump to the tail end of 2019, when Ishtar entered my consciousness. As I did a tiny bit of research I quickly discovered she is the 'Mother Goddess' and is associated more with Love as her core of all her teachings. Perfect, as this is the core of all of my teachings that are lovingly passed onto you. Ishtar was known as the Virgin Mother and paved the way for Isis, Mother Mary and more. 

I've known since the Angel Chatter Oracle Cards debut the back was loosely defined as Love Radiating for ALL across the cosmos. I hope you enjoy her power as it melds with yours allowing you to BEcome.


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